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Strong in body, joyful in soul

Realize it or not, faster or slower, your body is repairing itself all the time. When it doesn't, quite possible that it's not because the disease is too powerful but the body's natural healing mechanism is impaired.  

An Agape Holistic Plan is a comprehensive care plan aiming to restore your inner healing power.

How we do it

The Agape Holistic Care Plan may include both in-clinic treatment of various modalities and at-home self-care. Your health is too important to entirely entrust to any health care providers, so in spite of being treated by the acupuncturist in the clinic, you will learn how to take care of yourself in your daily life.

We will also collaborate with healthcare providers from other professions whether they are MDs, DOs, nurses, chiropractors, midwives, massage therapists, etc.  

The ultimate goal of Agape Holistic Care Plan is to help our patients restore their inner healing power to live a suffer-free life with minimal in-clinic treatment and great self-care. 

Free Initial Consultation!

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