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Cupping therapy is one of the treatment modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine which suction is applied to a special cup and then placed on the problematic areas. The skin and muscles are then pulled into the suction.

  • draw over-accumulated metabolite to the surface. Cupping allows the body to remove that metabolite and stimulate local circulation for healing.

  • enhance circulation and relieve tightness of the muscle. The skin and muscle are stimulated by being pulled into the suction allowing energy and blood to circulate.


Bruising, from dark purple to bright red, is common and the color, texture, location of the bruising reveals how much tension or stagnation has been built upon those areas.

Over time with consistent treatment, there will be an increase in local blood flow and a decrease in muscle recovery time. That is why many athletes seek cupping treatments to help keep up and improve their performance.

Cupping is often used in conjunction with acupuncture and is beneficial to patients who has muscle aches ranging from sitting at a computer desk to running marathons.

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